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Duck Life 1

The story begins with the fact that you own a …

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Duck Life 2

Duck Life 2 counts a number of episodes, the principle …

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Duck life 3 – Evolution

Duck Life 3 belongs to the newer version of the …

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Duck Life 4

Duck Life 4 – are you ready for newer game, …

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Duck Life 5

Duck Life 5 is the play which you can download …

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Duck life 6
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Duck Life is the online game out of those existing ones which are frequently applied. This is just for free and every game lover can download it and enjoy it. As you might see there are several versions of this game, such as: the first, the second, the third, the forth, the fifth. Initially starting from the very beginning there was a huge farm, but later it was destroyed. The duck egg survived and as it seems this is the only chance to save the farm, to earn money once again and restore the farm. Would you like to be the part of it? If yes, this duck will help in this regard. But it’s impossible to do it without training of this cute one. As this is a duckling you need to think about its capacity building and improving the skills. While racing it is necessary to train in running, swimming and flying. Later on the climbing stage was added to the previous versions of the games. Before starting keep in mind that it’s important to feed the duck with the seeds in order to have enough energy for racing. The energy will be got from the seeds at the beginning. So go ahead and train the duck. The distance is given which needs to be covered. The speed is also prescribed and faster you’re you can cover more distance at the end. Finally when you reach the destination the results are also given on the screen. You will see how much coins you have collected during the racing. The coins are those yellow ones you will meet on your way to the final destination. Be smart and collect them, you will see how to use them later. Also don’t forget to avoid the obstacles and don’t crash down. This will be reflected on the final results and the energy level you have. When you have passed one step you can either replay and start from the beginning or just proceed and train the duck in another skills. As for the other ones there are also swimming racing and climbing ones, each of them attractive enough, with full of energy and difficulties. The coins might be even in the air or in the water and you should pick them up. When having these coins you can buy some items for the duck. As the duck has its own name it might need some other accessories. These are for instance hats, with different colors, so have a look at them and choose for your duck. Moreover you can select the entire color for the duck and play accordingly. Besides that there are several situations and episodes, depending on which one you prefer to play. The complexity of the game also varies and depends on the episodes. In the latest versions of this game the speed is higher and even the story is slightly changed, such as the modified and genetically strengthened ducks are invented and they have to participate in racing. If you are interested you can find other episodes and try your best also here. Even some of them are ended up with the prizes, these might be crowns for the champion or just earning money, with the help of money you can buy seeds or get extra help. Don’t forget to have seeds as well. Duck Life 1, Duck Life 2, Duck Life 3, Duck Life 4 and Duck Life 5 – these all listed versions are those especially created and suggested to you. Take the tour and stay with us! Good luck in your playing and stay with us!

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Duck Life 3

Duck Life 4